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Hospitality Service

M/S Security Agency has broadened their service horizons, diversifying into the hospitality industry, especially in areas covering housekeeping, catering, and gardening.


We provide catering services to any industry segment across the country.  Our catering team has the expertise to provide food services, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, in hotels, restaurants, railways, hospitals, airlines, ships, cruises, studios, event venues including weddings, related parties and attending at remote sites.

Our team provides the A-Z of the catering solutions, right from coordinating to delivery to clients. We are a name trusted for quality. We also provide customized catering solutions according to the requirement of our clients.


A meticulously cleaned and well-maintained milieu promotes a feeling of wellbeing, ease, and happiness. In an unclean home, office, industry or any space, unhygienic conditions holds sway. Here is where housekeeping is important. M/S Security Agency provides the complete assortment of housekeeping series including the management of chores related to running an office space, residential premises, industry space, corporate space, etc. Our scope of services covers cleaning, cooking, maintenance, and more according to individual client requirements.

Providing as aesthetically appealing environment is what we strive for.


A green, clean, colourful and fresh environment can do wonders to a person’s state of mind. It is the perfect stress buster. Irrespective of whether it is the outdoor space of a home, office, residential complexes, government and private buildings, etc., it connects one with the environment.

M/S Security Agency provides gardening services, especially lawn and garden maintenance. Our scope of services includes mowing, pruning, fertilizing, trimming of hedges, watering when required, taking care of the plants/grass/flower plants, removal of debris, etc. We ensure that your plants get inspected frequently. We ensure that your well-maintained garden enhances the appeal of your entire space.

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