Services Offered

1. Special Guarding
M/S Security provides specialised guarding, delivering security solutions to a range of businesses, including banking and financial services, retail, the public sector, facilities management, schools/colleges, transport and more. The services are customised to match the requirements of each site and situation, and in accordance with the customer's needs. Our staff is notably effective in driving down crime and giving customers peace of mind and overall protection. Our experienced residential as well as non-residential security staff has worked in multiple security positions. They are highly trained and are used to dealing with all aspects of threats that they may encounter while protecting your property. Whether your business is a small retail outlet, a multi-storey shopping centre or a distribution centre, M/S Security has the solution for you.

Physical security
Electronic Surveillance
Alarms and access control
Reporting and verification

2. Housekeeping
M/S Security provides the ideal housekeeping services in corporate offices, school and college campuses, industries, institutes and commercial complexes. It offers professional cleaning services through well-trained staff and the latest methods. It provides flexible staffing arrangements – from temporary employees to a permanently assigned team that integrates with your own employees.

Floor housekeepers
Training supervisors
Facility Up keeping/Maintenance
Waste Disposal

3. Security Training Services
Security officers are no more night watchmen. Today, they are in a position of both authority and responsibility. They are meant to tirelessly apply their sense of sight, hearing and suspicion so as to guarantee that property and people are effectively protected. Regardless of what the industry is, a security officer will be capable of adapting himself to varying security-related duties, from coordinating a busy reception area to manning and monitoring a distribution company’s gatehouse or CCTV system through rigorous and positive training. M/S Security therefore trains every individual accordingly to make him capable and efficient in carrying out his responsibilities in a highly professional and proactive manner. M/S Security features in-house training facilities, specialising in providing tailored training courses and modules that rightly suit the needs of small and medium business to large industries in the following areas like static and patrol security, minimum knowledge entry of stewards and supervisors, customer care, and housekeeping.

4. Security ConsultationDecisions you make today regarding security with determine your organization’s safekeeping for years to come. Our wide-ranging security consulting services facilitate you to feel more confident about the actions you take to shield your office, employees, operations, facilities, and all sort of assets. Our security consultants have many years of expertise in advising private clients and corporations across industries that range from retail sectors to manufacturing, construction, transportation, institutions and hospitality. We help you create a healthy security environment with services that take account of current and rising threat assessments, policy review and improvement, and master planning.

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