M/S Security Agency provides specialised guarding, delivering security solutions to a range of businesses, including banking and financial services, retail, the public sector, facilities management, schools/colleges, transport and more.


Crimes have only increased by the day! Today safety and security of life and assets is at stake. Reacting fast to all types of threats in real time is what identifies us.


All guards at M/S Security Agency are equipped and trained to deal with various emergency situations such as fire, riot, electric short-circuit, accidents, injury, burns, theft, robbery, etc.

Welcome to Security Agency

Our security guards deployed at industrial houses, commercial centers, residences, offices, etc. have added to the safety and security of the entire north eastern region. Today, we have expanded across India and across geographical borders, spanning Dubai, Australia, Sri Lanka, and other worldwide regions.

M/S Security Agency was set up in the year 2000 with a group of few people. In a short span of time, the agency has emerged as the supporter of 800 families. These 800 personnel, deployed across the entire north-east, have been spreading safety, security, and happiness. The staff strength is increasing by the day.

MS Security Agency is known for its high degree of dedication and sincerity. Industrial units, which are dependent on private security, may utilize his range of services and get high level of satisfaction. I wish success to MS Security Agency.

Harish Sonowal
Commissioner and Secretary

The Security Guards of MS Security Agency are well-trained, disciplined and are providing good service to our company. In providing round-the-clock security of the residential complexes and contract godowns, the guarding team has shown tremendous devotion .

Deb Gohain
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

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